Choose the Best Color for your Commercial Painting Project

Determining which color is best for your commercial paint job can be tricky. Some projects will be fairly obvious – if you’re using a protective coating on wooden decking, for example, you’ll probably want to choose a transparent coat such as National Coatings Surface Master Blog in clear so that the natural beauty of the wood shows through, but if you’re painting a café, fashion clothing store or a kindergarten you probably have a little more leeway to let your imagination run wild.

If your project involves choosing a color for a public area or retail space it can be well worth doing some research into which colors people find restful or stimulating. Green and blue are the colors that most people find relaxing and are commonly used in doctor’s waiting rooms, hospitals and other places where people might be nervous, stressed or upset. Red has physiological properties that stimulate hunger – which is why it’s so often used in in fast food restaurants and on their logos.

Yellow and orange are also stimulating colors with orange in particular having been proven by psychologists to encourage impulse purchases, so choosing a bright sunshine color paint or Surface Master coating for a retail or wholesale outlet could actually help improve sales. Other colors that have shown to aide impulsive buying are red, black and blue while pink, light blue and navy are more likely to appeal to people who have considered their options before they buy.

Another thing to take into serious consideration is your target audience. Tests show that people who are in low income brackets like bright colors, whilst those at the middle to high end of the pay scale prefer muted, neutral and ‘classic’ color pallets which are seen as being more refined and tasteful. Black, dark blue, dark green and burgundy are especially seen as upmarket, particularly when used with gold or silver.

Something else that you may not have thought of is the climate. Color psychology tests have also shown that people living in mostly colder climates prefer cooler color schemes while those living in warm or hot climes prefer bright, sunny colors. Think of the hot red, yellow and orange colors used throughout Latin America and Africa – or even just in your local Mexican restaurant!

Another geographic-related thing to keep in mind is what certain colors mean to different cultures.  Maybe you’re painting the interior of a Chinese restaurant? Don’t choose black and white; black signifies evil and doom in Chinese culture whilst white is the color of mourning and worn at funerals.  Stick with the more traditional red, which is the color of good fortune, or yellow which is the auspicious color that symbolizes the Emperor.

On the same note, if you’re using paint or National Coatings Surface Master Blog to decorate and you have, or hope to attract, Italian customers steer clear of purple as this is unlucky in Italy, being the color of mourning.

Whatever color you choose, whether you’re painting the exterior of your shop, using a protective coating such as Surface Master to coat the inside of a swimming pool, or giving the inside of your restaurant an fresh lick of paint, you’ll find nearly every color under the sun is available to purchase so you’ll definitely find something that suits your project.

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