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If you have a big decorating or refurbishment job coming up and have neither the time nor the inclination to tackle it yourself finding a commercial painting contractor is obviously top of your list of things to do. Finding someone reliable, trustworthy, professional and who can do the job to your satisfaction can seem like a bit of a daunting task, but with a little research you should be able to find someone suitable for the job.

Anyone with a paint brush and roller to their name can claim to be a painter and decorator, but you want someone that is good at their job, fairly priced and who is experienced in both traditional interior and exterior paint jobs as well as applying protective coatings such as National Coatings Surface Master Blog.

The Yellow Pages is an obvious place to start looking for a commercial painting or The Surface Master contractor but getting referrals from family, friends and even other business owners in your area is a much better bet. There is nothing as reliable as word of mouth recommendations and the best part is that you can see for yourself what kind of job the painter has done.

Once you’ve decided on potential candidates, get them to quote for you so that you can compare prices; you might be surprised at how much they differ. A good way to see if you think the person you are speaking with is the person for the job is to ask them a few ‘casual’ questions. ‘Are you busy?’  is a very telling question  – a decent contractor will usually be and you may even have to work around him (or her) to find a date for your job to start.

Ask your potential contractor what other jobs he has done. Has he experience in applications other than painting, such as applying National Coatings Surface Master Blog or other protective coatings for example? Ask him if he has insurance (you don’t want to be the victim of a claim in the event of an accident on your premises), does he have a license or certificate of qualifications? Can he provide references from previous happy clients?

Remember that you are going to be working with this person, probably paying them quite a lot of money, and trusting them to do a good job that enhances your business. Other tell tale signs as to whether this is the contractor for you include his general demeanor; is he polite, friendly , courteous? Does he provide quotes and answer queries in a timely fashion? Does he have a varied resume – perhaps you need your swimming pool coated with The Surface Master or a large area of decking varnished. Ask him for three recommendations from previous customers and don’t be afraid of contacting them for more information and even arranging a visit to view the work that they have had done. After all, it is your business and money on the line and you have every right to know whether the person you are thinking of hiring will do a great job for you.

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