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How many times over the years have you looked at a room in your home and thought ‘that could do with a lick of paint’ then promptly headed down to your local hardware store, bought a couple of brushes, a roller and a few of cans of paint and proceeded to slap some paint up on the walls? Most of us have and many of us don’t give it a huge amount of thought – it can even be a spur of the moment ‘something to do’ task on a wet Sunday afternoon! Well, a commercial painting contractor is a little different to you or me; their jobs are usually planned out with a little more care and preparation than we exercise when slopping some sunshine yellow paint on the walls of the spare bedroom.

So what do commercial painting contractors actually do? A professional painter will be qualified in more than just gloss and emulsion. They will know how to paint the exteriors of buildings, coat floors and swimming pools in protective coatings, such as National Coatings Surface Master Blog and they will know which paints or coatings are safe to use in places such as hospitals and restaurant kitchens.

Your contractor will probably be independently employed and oversee a team of professionally qualified painters and decorators. He or she will handle the entire job, from preparing your floors, walls, ceilings, exterior or interior to managing the erecting of scaffolding and then ensuring that the work is carried out to your specifications and in a timely and professional manner.

Whether you’re having the floor of your warehouse coated in The Surface Master or you’re responsible for ensuring that the walls of the operating theaters in the hospital where you work are painted with a safe covering, then finding a contractor who you can trust is imperative.

A professional contractor should also have knowledge in the different methods of preparation and painting. Adequate preparation is a huge part of the job as it directly affects the longevity of the paint or The Surface Master coating. Good contractors will be aware of the latest developments in their field and will be able to advise you on whether a traditional paint job, powder coating, coil or roll coating, spray coating or a protective coating like National Coatings Surface Master Blog is right for you.

They are also responsible for costing the project, making sure their employees turn up on time and do a good job – everything from the moment you sign the contract to the day that they pack up their tools and leave your workplace, in fact.

A good commercial painting contractor will have qualifications and recommendations and will be more than happy to show them to you, so don’t be afraid to inquire. Ask what their areas of specialty are, whether they are equally adept at applying The Surface Master or one of the other protective coverings on the market as they are at painting, and even ask if you can visit anywhere where you can see an example of their work. If your commercial contractor is a true professional with a high standard of work, he will be more than happy to comply.

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