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In this day and age when many businesses are struggling to stay one step ahead of the competition and even to stay afloat, making small changes to attract potential customers and to stand out of the crowd are crucial. One way of doing this is to give your company premises a fresh new look. New signage, a coat of paint or a protective covering such as National Coatings Surface Master blog on a showroom floor or restaurant decking can make all the difference and help to boost sales, orders or bookings.

As many of us are painfully aware extra money to spend on such things may not be as easy to find as it once was, and if your first thought is ‘it’s going to cost me a fortune to hire someone to do that!’ then why not take the plunge and do it yourself? You’ll only need to pay for the price of your brushes, rollers, paint and protective sheets and you’ll cut the cost of hiring an expensive professional contractor.

Embarking on your own commercial painting job is nothing to fear. Think of it as just like painting the spare bedroom at home but on a slightly bigger scale – and one that the general public will see! But seriously speaking, DIY commercial painting is probably a lot less tricky than you think.

First off all you need to work out how much paint you will need. Working this out is fairly simple and if you’re painting the exterior of a building, firstly measure the perimeter and the height. Next multiply these two numbers and you’ll have the total in square feet of the building’s surface area. If there are windows in the building, measure the height and width of one and again multiply the numbers to get the window surface area. Do this for all the windows, add them together and subtract that figure from your building’s surface area.

Finally, divide this last number by the amount of coverage that is stated on the can of The Surface Master coating or paint and this will tell you how many gallons you will need to purchase.

If you’re not painting the exterior but are applying a covering of National Coatings The Surface Master or a coat of paint to a flat area like flooring, decking, plain walls or even a kennel run all you need to do is multiply the height and width of the surface. This will give you the resulting square footage.  For example, let’s say if your wall is 8 foot high and 10 foot long, then you have a surface area of 80 feet.

Once you’ve done the math and bought your paint, varnish or The Surface Master and changed into your embarrassingly shabby old clothes, you’ll need to do the boring but essential task of preparing your surfaces. Stripping wallpaper, sanding down old paint and cleaning floors or walls that have been ignored for years is not a fun job, but you do need to do it as this will directly affect the quality and longevity of your finished job.

Once you’re done with the prep you’re ready for the fun part – slapping on the paint or The Surface Master. Even better why not turn it into a decorating party and rope in family and friends to help. It’s amazing what people will do for free pizza and beer!

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