Painting Your Room In Style, Your Style

Have you ever fancied yourself as a painter? No, I am not talking about painting portraits or landscapes. I am talking about painting your room in style. Do you even know what your style is? Have you ever considered how you would paint your room if you had the choice of doing it yourself? Well, the time may be now for you to give it a shot.
Do you have permission from your landlord or someone else that is in charge of the place where you live? Do you own your own property, or are you renting? The answers to these questions should be considered before embarking upon this adventure, but if the answer is yes, why not get started right now.
You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing with their rooms. After all, you do have a style of your own even if you are not sure what that is. To figure that out, you will have to ask yourself what environments you enjoy surrounding yourself in. Are you more comfortable with traditional colors, or are you more into Goth? Is graffiti something that inspires you, or do you love country settings? Determining what your style is should be your first priority when you are ready to paint your room in style.
If you are into Goth in everything you do, consider painting your room in deep colors of red, purple or midnight blue. You can add some candles and candlesticks to add to the décor, and some dark upholstered furniture will blend right in. Going with the look of graffiti is just as easy. Simply choose your base coat to provide the background for spray painting words and other works of art on the walls. Graffiti style pictures can also be hung if you don’t want to do the artwork yourself, and then add pops of color in furnishings and you have completed your style which may change from time to time when you get the urge to add something new.
Remember it is your room and painting your room in style should be something you love.

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