Follow These Easy Steps When Painting The Metal Areas of Your Building For Years of Protection

When it comes to painting the metal areas of your building, there are certain steps that need to be followed in order for the paint to provide the best protection from the elements. Of course, there are variations in the types of paint that need to be applied to certain metals, but this article will stick to a general steel building such as a garage or shed.

No matter what metal you are painting, it needs to be cleansed of all dirt, dust, chalk, and grease. This can be done by mixing one part white vinegar or household ammonia to two parts warm water and wipe with a soft scrub brush. A light-duty pressure washer can also be used, and it will certainly make the job go a lot faster. Once all the dirt and chemicals are removed give the building a thorough rinse and let it dry completely before applying any primer or paint. If any areas of the building had been infected by rust then these areas need to be lightly sanded until the rust is completely removed.

The next step will be to apply a corrosion resistant primer evenly throughout the structure. Most professionals choose to use a roller or an airless paint sprayer, but a nylon brush is perfectly fine. The best primer to use is an acid-base galvanized metal etching primer that will surely protect the building from the corrosive effects of oxidation for many years. Once again, allow the primer to completely dry before moving on to the final step.

After the primer is dry, an acrylic or ceramic paint needs to be applied for the final coat. Depending on the structure’s condition, you may want to add one or two coats when painting the metal areas of your building. Many professionals will apply an eco-friendly reflective paint to the roof of steel structures. The lighter color paint helps to reduce energy costs by reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. Utilizing the correct primers and finishing coats, when painting the metal areas of your building, will provide your structure with years of protection from the elements.

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