Painting Your Rooms Like An Artist

There are many various forms of art, but very few are as traditionally appealing as painting. When you think of a typical artist, you may have images of Leonardo Da Vinci painting the chapel, or Picasso using geometric shapes to paint some bizarre faces. But one image that may not come to mind is- yourself. It does not take a huge amount of discipline, focus, or determination to be a painter. It may take a lot of that to be a legendary painter of course, but you do not need to be a legend to paint your own walls!

There is a movement of people who want to add a bit of personal touch to their home. A cost effective way to do this is to paint your own walls, but not bold and normal paint colors like any room. They often employ graphics, abstract art, and various painting techniques to craft a living room a unique stamp of quality. Does the art have to be fantastic? No! It is your personal work. There are a few key ideas to keep in mind as you paint your own home.

Theme: There should be a theme that works off your furniture. Also keep in mind the coloration. A chaotic and colorful painted wall should play off your odd fixtures and furniture, and the colors should have a semblance of sense.

Room: Any room in your home could be painted, but it may be a bit much if you paint your whole home. Start with a bedroom, then move your work to the living room as you grow more confident.

Painting Over: You can always paint over your work and try it anew! You may feel guilty wiping over your beautiful (or not so beautiful) work, but you may want a change of pace and painting your home like an artist accomplishes that in spades.

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