The Surface Master Reviews It’s Summer Sales for 2014


National Coatings Inc and The Surface Master Reviews it’s Seasonal Sales for the Summer Time in 2014

To ring in the busy season for National Coating Inc. and its flagship product, The Surface Master, the company has reviewed its past year sales to focus on the feedback they have received from customers from all over the United States.

Paul Webb, National Coatings Inc.’s Spokesperson comments, “In past years, the Springtime has proven to be one of the busiest season for us and our employees, as homeowners and business-owners alike are looking to resurface and beautify their businesses and homes before the Summertime months. While our product is specifically designed for that, we have gotten feedback from our sales in the years past and have decided to tweak things a bit to respond to the feedback we’ve received.”

The Surface Master is a product that dries in a very short amount of time, and its easy-to-apply. This makes the product a viable option for anyone to apply, as it is ready to be rolled onto any Wood, Concrete, or Metal surface directly out of the can, much like a paint.

With a slight flexibility added to the product, its ideal for outdoor application, as it has the ability to change according to weather conditions. Unlike epoxies, which are static, and thus more prone to cracking, splitting, flaking, and peeling.

“We love to give back to our customers that have done so much for us,” adds Paul Webb. “We have heard the voices of our past clients and extended the Spring Sale throughout the month of April, rather than just a couple of weeks. We have also adjusted our color sale to the “Forest Green” color option, as there is a higher demand for that than the previous colors we have had for sale.”

The Surface Master can be found at , along with color charts, example photos, and more!


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